Chocolates and Almonds. Coming soon Pecans!

24 Pc Dark Chocolate Covered Marzipan with Hazelnut Rochers

Get ready for a flavor experience that pushes the boundaries of decadence – our creation is not just rich; it's super rich, decadent, and dare we say, a bit "yikes" in the best possible way. We've harnessed some old-school confection magic to craft a treat that defies expectations.

Indulge in over a pound of what can only be described as "should be illegal" goodness. Each bite is a journey into a realm where richness knows no bounds, and decadence reaches new heights. It's a culinary escapade that takes you back to the days of confectionery marvels, where every ingredient is carefully selected to create a taste that's not just memorable – it's downright legendary.

Buckle up for a taste adventure that's beyond the ordinary, where a single bite transports you into a world of indulgence that's almost too good to be true. Super rich, decadent, and a touch of "yikes" – because sometimes, breaking the rules of sweetness leads to the most extraordinary flavors.


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Reach out to Tom if you're looking to craft something unique for your company or a special gift. For large orders, we offer discounts, customize chocolate boxes, and personalize each order to meet your needs. If you have any questions about our chocolates, flavors, or processes, feel free to ask.

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