Chocolates and Almonds. Coming soon Pecans!

Roasted Almonds (Unsalted)

Roasted Almonds in the Shell

Unique and Enhanced Flavor

  • Experience a deep, rich roasted almond flavor
  • Carefully selected variety of the sweetest almonds
  • Intensified natural sweetness and nutty essence
  • A savory and satisfying taste that stands out

Healthy and Satisfying Snack

  • Perfect for those on a diet
  • Encourages moderation – eat just a few, not the whole bag
  • No nut cracker needed – crack them in your hands. Just squeeze and twist !
  • Packed with essential nutrients:High in protein
    Rich in fiber
    Contains healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals

Convenient Packaging Options

  • Available in 8oz, 12oz, 20oz, and 48oz packages
  • Ideal for any occasion: Quick, healthy snack
    Family gatherings
    Gourmet treat for special moments
  • Movies ! Game day !


  • Order now and treat yourself to the best almonds you'll ever taste! Free shipping all over the US.

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